Hi, I am Tanja

Stability and sustainability has always been a huge topic in my life. And therefore also money. Coins and currencies have fascinated me since childhood and I had a secret tool to accumulate money very fast.

Since 2018 I have intensively educated myself in personal finances, investing and money. I read over 50 books in just one year because I was so determined to change. Finally at that point in January 2018, I had come to an understanding why my life was the way it was. My lack of stability showed glaringly on the outside. And of course also on my bank account.

I needed to implement the sustainability knowledge I had accumulated earlier duing my permaculture and sustainablity designer education to finance! This realisation was the beginning!

Today I am offering books, speaches and counselling around personal finance with focus on and sustainability implementation, especially on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

If you are a woman, I have a special treat for you in form of a book explaining how I transformed through this one year of over 50 about finance. And more: below to find out more specific feminine topics around money targeted just for you.

Tanja, Sustainability and Permaculture Designer specialised in Personal Finance



Only the designer sets the boundaries!